Kids Karate

More than just another after-school activity, K.I.C.K. MASTERS is exciting and disciplined. Regimented and fun classroom environments hold children’s attentions and improve their ability to learn. Learning helps to build their sense of accomplishment and provides them with the first part of a strong foundation…self-confidence.

Developing self-confidence will teach children to respect themselves and, most importantly respect others. It will give them focus, dedication, motivation and a non-quitting spirit. These traits, learned by training and working hard, not only will help them in the Dojo, but will give them the confidence to know they can be successful at anything they put their mind to…especially schoolwork.

Our philosophy is simple. – Discipline. Results. Achievement. Confidence. Success. Each of these virtues are not, and cannot be achieved without the other. Success depends upon the eagerness to be disciplined enough to see results, to achieve your goals and to become self-confident as a result of accomplishing your first goal…TO SUCCEED!