A Martial Arts Variety For Teens/Adults


Karate – an art that builds character, self-discipline and focus.

Kickboxing – incorporates the most effective hand, knee, elbow and foot techniques along with a great cardio workout. The combination of karate and kickboxing enables you to defend yourself in stand-up situations before someone gets close enough to actually grab you.

Jiu – Jitsu – teaches you how to escape holds and grabs using joint locks and submission techniques. These defenses are best used in close quater situations.

A Mixed Martial Art – While most schools focus on just one or two areas of self-defense techniques, K.I.C.K. MASTERS is a unique fusion of three disciplines. This hybrid style gives our students the knowledge to defend themselves in virtually any situation.

Muscular Development – using the latest exercise physiology, our classes focus on every muscle, in turn building greater strength and muscular definition.

Cardio Conditioning – through intense cardiovascular conditioning, you’ll expand the capacity of your heart and lungs while burning calories. The result…increased stamina to keep you energized all day.

Flexibility – in order to avoid injuries as well as give you the flexibility to help keep you feeling young and agile we’ve incorporated stretching exercises to lengthen and tone your muscles.

Muscular Development + Cardio Conditioning + Flexibility = Total Fitness.

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